Ted Oslin

Ted is a left-handed pickle ball player who grew up in California and moved to Port Huron for his senior year in high school. There he met his future wife, Linda. Ted graduated from U. of M. and then spent two years with VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America). He received his training in Chicago and was then sent to Michigan’s upper peninsula for his service stint. Ted asked Linda to marry him, but told her his VISTA stipend wouldn’t be enough for them to live on. It must’ve been true love because they got married anyway, and they’re still together 44 years later. They have two children, Alysson, 33,  now living in Massachusetts, and son Corey, 30, who lives in Ann Arbor. The Oslins lived in Marquette, Michigan for 10 years, an experience they enjoyed. 

Ted and Linda moved their family to Ann Arbor so Ted could complete his MBA degree at the University of MIchigan. Ted has since worked in real estate development for 15 years – for the same company that built Stonebridge. He is now a broker and is the owner of The Homebuyers’ Realty for the past 10 years.

An addictive sport. That’s how Ted describes pickle ball. He likes just about every aspect of the game but mentions competitiveness, the friendships that are developed, and the exercise as especially important. Ted has played some racquetball and has been a soft ball player most of his life. He’s been playing pickle ball for about three and a half years. He says “I hate jogging” and feels that pickle ball gives him a decent cardio work out and lots of fun combined. His goal is to lose some weight (fat) or “maybe just change it to muscle.” Ted feels the most difficult aspect of the game for him is “keeping the ball in the court by not overhitting it.” He says “I tend to bring my paddle back – and I have to learn to hold it forward and up. Otherwise you just don’t have enough time to hit it.” 

The person Ted most admires is his father-in-law, Richard (Dick). He says Linda’s father showed him how to respect life, to be patient, and to minimize anger. Ted said he was an excellent role-model. 

Since Linda is now retired from her job with Washtenaw County and Ted is able to flex-time, they are both looking forward to increased opportunities to travel. The Bucket List mainly includes going “where it is warm.”

Ted is 66. Like many people in our sport, he doesn’t look his age. His favorite color is blue.

P.S. Ted is looking for volley ball players. Contact him if you are one.

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