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Below is information about our typical tournament. Due to the pandemic, and the availability of our venue, we are not certain when the next tournament will take place. We hope soon! Until then, please mask up and stay safe!

The 5th Annual Ann Arbor SPRING FLING
Sunday April 5th, 2020 | 9am – 7pm
Meri Lou Murray Recreation Center
Ann Arbor, Michigan (map)

General Information

The tournament is open to players over age 12 of any gender, or playing ability. All tournament play is Doubles. Players will enter as individuals and play with different partners throughout the day.  The registration fee is $40 per person, regardless of club membership. Registration includes an Ann Arbor Pickleball Dri-fit Tshirt! All play will be doubles pickleball according to the rules of the USAPA. All play will be indoors in the gym using Onix Pure 2 Indoor balls. The tournament has space for 64 players and is first come, first served.

Player checkin is at 9am at the latest. Please be on time or you may be replaced. 

Your space is only reserved when we receive your payment, either by check or paypal.

The tournament committee requires that all players conduct themselves with the utmost in sportsmanship at all times, and any rulings made by the referees or the tournament committee are final and binding.

Tournament Structure

View more photos here.
View more photos here.

The tournament committee will divide players into 4 pools of 16 players, based on our best estimation of player strength. The strongest players will be the A pool, next group of players the B pool, etc. All play will be within pools, i.e. at the end of the tournament we will have a champion of each pool, but the pools will not play each other. Pool play in each pool will consist of 5 rounds. In each round, four players will be assigned to a court, and will play a game with each of the three pairings of partners. For example, if the players Andy, Betsy, Charlie, and Denise were assigned to a court, Andy and Denise would play Betsy and Charlie, then Andy and Charlie would play Betsy and Denise, then Andy and Betsy would play Charlie and Denise. After all three games were completed, the scores are reported to the Information table and the players have a rest period before their next round.

Over the course of the tournament, the 16 player pools will play at least 15 games (to 9, win by 1). Of course, if you make the top four, you will play an additional 3-game championship.

The Recreation Center has 8 pickleball courts. Court scheduling is a work in progress, but we do our best to keep the courts full at all times. Players will receive at least 10 minutes rest between rounds, and typically a bit more.


The standings will be compiled throughout the day for each pool. The players will be ranked first by games won, second by point differential (points scored minus points allowed), third by points scored, and finally by a coin toss. The top four players in each pool will play a final, championship round of three games to determine the first, second, third, and fourth place finishers in the pool. All four finalist receive a medal.

Waiting List & Cancellations

We typically fill up fast. If the 64 slots in the tournament are filled, we encourage players to register for the waiting list. If there are cancellations, we will select players off the waiting list to fill the slots. Players on the waiting list will need to make payment just as other players do, but if they do not get to play, we will return their payment in full.

Players who register for the tournament and are not on the waiting list will only be eligible for refunds in the case of 1) dropping out of the tournament by midnight, Wednesday, April 1, 2020 or, 2) emergency circumstances or, 3) injury.
You can contact Ann Arbor Pickleball with any questions at: [email protected].

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