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Fill in the fields below to register for the Sunday, April 5, 2019 Tournament. All fields are required. After completing registration, you will be forwarded to a confirmation page with payment information. You will also receive an email with your registration information. Please note that your registration will not be official until payment is received. 




Email Address:
All communications to you about the tournament will be sent via this email address. For example, we will send a message when we receive your check, if you pay by check.

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Emergency Contact:
Day-of contact to call in case of emergency.
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Skill Verification

Years Playing Pickleball:

USAPA Rating as of January 2019:
Some players have been assigned ratings by pros or at tournaments.

Pickleball Experience:
Please take your best guess as to where you fall on this spectrum. Click here to read a breakdown of the pickleball skill rating system in a new window.

Have you played at the Meri Lou Murray Rec Center before?

Have you played in our Round Robin before?

At which locations do you play most of your pickleball? (please include center/city)

Do you regularly play in tournaments? (More than 2 per year?)

What is your first choice for which pool to play in?
The tournament has space for up to 80 players. The players will be divided into multiple pools by skill level. Please take your best guess as to which pool you belong in.

What is your second choice for which pool to play in?
Please choose where you think you would fit if not in the pool you chose in the previous question. If you select the same bracket as above, we will do our best to place you in that bracket.

Play style:
Dinking is an essential part of my game:

I attempt the third shot drop at least 75% of the time:

Drilling/practice is an essential part of my game:

Additional skill verification (optional): If you are brand new to our tournament or have never played in the area, please select the name of an area player or ambassador who can verify your skill level.

Ann Arbor (committee): Tim Berla/Jeff Shumway/Ted Oslin/Kate PetersonAdrian: Jim JohnsonBrooklyn: Mark YoungHartland: Jan DokeNovi/Royal Oak: Greg YoungPeachtree Area: Florin MolnarToledo: Fred BorgersonRomulus: George Cook

Is there anything else you would like to add? Please let us know any specifics regarding your play level.

Ann Arbor Pickleball Dri-fit T-shirt
Sizes are only guaranteed if registered by 3/16/20. Just a note that extra shirts will be available for sale.


I understand that the use of Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation Commission (WCPARC) facilities or participation in its programs shall be undertaken by a participant at his/her own risk. Participant represents that he/she has disclosed in writing to the Park any physical condition that may limit his/her activities and, except as disclosed, participant is able to undertake the physical exercise and use of the facilities as provided by WCPARC.However, disclosure of physical condition shall not relieve participant of sole responsibility of appropriately and safely limiting activities to take into account such physical conditions and limitations. WCPARC shall not be liable for any injuries or damages to any person or property whatsoever arising out of or in connection with, the use of facilities where the same are caused by or result from actions of the participant. Participant hereby releases and discharges Washtenaw County from all claims, demands, actions or causes of actions to any such injuries, damages or loss of property resulting from participation.I agree to abide by and adhere to the decisions, policies, and procedures set by the WCPARC and its staff. I acknowledge that the waiver applies to all members of my household. I acknowledge that any photos taken while participating in Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation activities, may be used for future promotion.

Do you agree to the Terms stated above?

Volunteers are needed for help with setup, score reporting, ball feeding, and more. Please talk to Tim Berla at the Rec center or email [email protected].

If you want updates about the tournament as well as what is happening with all of Ann Arbor Pickleball, email [email protected] to be added to the list.

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