Marty Mangino

Marty Mangino

Marty is a Saturday morning player who took up the game just this past year, and is already looking like a seasoned veteran player. He has played many sports competitively. He’s a self-taught golfer with a 5 handicap, and he’s boxed, played baseball, football, and basketball – and won the state racquet ball championship in 1991-92. He says it never cost him any money to play golf because he won all the bets with his fellow-golfers. When Marty discovered pickle ball, he gave up golf permanently. He says his main challenge in picket ball is finding the right partner. He’s very competitive and wants to play to win.

Caribbean and Mediterranean cruises are what he most enjoys to relax, although on board ship, he heads for the gym everyday to work out. This is also his routine on dry land. He does weights every other day, abs, curls, etc. every day. But when at sea, he especially enjoys the “flow ride” something that is very much like surfing, except it’s in a pool. Must be a big pool. Marty says only Royal Caribbean has this feature.

Marty grew up in Dearborn and was employed by the Ford Motor Company. He’s been retired since 2004, and looks much younger than his age of 69. He has a wife and 4 children, three of whom are here in Michigan. The fourth one, Mary says, is “all over the place.”

When asked about a Bucket List, he says I’ve had a very good life, pretty much done it all. He is especially interested in following the stock market.

Marty’s favorite color is blue.

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